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Caring for your pottery:

Handwashing is always best, but you can put your

pieces in the dishwasher daily using a mild detergent. *Silver and rust green glazes should be hand washed for best life.  For cakestands and large pieces, hand wash.

Microwave use is also fine.


Mandy lives and works in Twisp, Washington, where she spends most of her time potting and the remainder of her time hiking, cross-country skiing, gardening and enjoying time with her husband, pets and friends!  


Mandy creates most of her pieces on the pottery wheel and has recently incorporated some slab-built pieces into her line.  She has spent the past 12+ years developing a special stencil method by which she can transfer her patterns to her pieces. Her patterns are inspired by her love of printmaking, block printing, textiles, and architecture.   She earned a BFA in Fine Art in 2001 and has been working seriously with clay since 2005.  She spent 10 years as part of the Clayworks cooperative in Seattle where she worked in company with several accomplished potters and sculptors.   She now has a home studio in Twisp where she does her work.  Her public studio is no longer open but you can find her booth every Saturday morning at the Twisp Farmer's Market 9am-noon!

Her pieces are made from 2 different dark brown clay bodies that are nearly fully vitrified when fired, forming a tightly sealed surface safe for food.  She also offers additional liquid quartz sealer if requested.  All glazes are lead-free and food safe.

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