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Order Inquiry Form


This winter I have more time for specific requests, now that I don't have to stock my retail shop! 

Have you been wanting to order something that's been out of stock, or a set of dishes for your home?  Fill out this form and I can get back to you with:

A) If your order is possible to make

B) How much it would cost + estimated shipping cost

C) When I would be able to make it (Feb-April only)

Please note, full payment will be due 2 weeks before estimated ship date. 

For large orders, a deposit may be required at the time of booking. 

Payments can be made with cash (if local),

Venmo, or credit/debit card (3% fee charged).

Old Pics of Bowls.jpg

Please use this form to best describe what you'd like to order!  I'll get back to you and clarify if you're not quite sure!  Please note, I don't take custom pattern requests (example: a drawing of your dog or a logo for your business).  Please stick to shapes, patterns & glaze colors that you've already seen within my scope of work!  See pricing on bottom of page for a guide of things that I offer.

Thanks for submitting! You will receive a response within 5 business days!

Dinnerware Pricing Examples

Dinner Plate - $65   approx 9.5" wide

Salad Plate - 7 or 8" - $48   choose approx 7" or 8" wide

Cereal Bowl - $50  approx 6.75" wide, 2.75" tall

Soup Bowl - $55   approx 7.25" wide, 3.2" tall

Tiny Bowl - $36  approx 4.5" wide, 2" tall 

Rounded Mug Classic Shape - $56  approx 4.25" tall, 3.25" opening

Couch Mug (tapered) - $55-$85   approx 3" tall w 3.5" opening

Serving Platters & Serving Bowls

- range from $80-$175 depending on size, glaze and pattern - we can discuss!

Cake Stand - $150-$300

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